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Steps, and pledges…

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008 by admin

Well worth reading – “40 steps on the personal path to green” from the No Impact Man blog.

And if you have 2 minutes spare, have a look at the Pledge & WIN! competition at myzerowaste.com. Not only you can win prizes as an incentive to get to do green stuff, but, even better, you can only win if you leave them feedback on how you carried out your pledges.

Pledges I made were:

  • I will talk to at least one family member or friend to promote recycling – for this I was going to send my parents a link to show them how easily tetra paks can be recycled, Tetra paks can be recycled!  Check the tetrapakrecycling.co.uk website to see where...since they didn’t even realise tetra paks were recyclable (they are!). However, I discovered that Cornwall, where my parents live, doesn’t have tetra pak recycling collection (yet), and although you can post your tetra paks to be recycled, I highly doubt my parents will pay to do this. But I recently found out that the slightly stretchy kind of see-through plastic bags (e.g. the ones that potatoes and cauliflowers are packaged in) can be recycled at carrier bag recycling points in most major supermarkets. So I’m going to tell everyone about that instead (starting here!).
  • I will take active steps to stop junk mail being delivered to my home - I don’t actually really get much junk mail, but www.stopjunkmail.org.uk is a good place to start with this. Opting out of the edited electorial register helps, and remembering to tick those boxes on forms (to say that you don’t want more information) means you get less junk mail too. My main problem is companies that I have accounts or membership with sending me too many leaflets. I wrote to the National Trust asking them to stop sending me so many fundraising leaflets (I always donate online anyway) and asking them to consider a paper-free membership option (I love reading their magazine but if I could get it in PDF form I would). Plus I’m trying to figure out how to get online-only statements from the bank and stuff (though barclaycard doesn’t seem to have this option, hm).
  • I will offer one unwanted item on Freecycle or take to a charity shop - I am on a clutter-clearing mission again – this is going to be a lot more than just one item! I have 4 red ikea cushions, an old laptop, a bunch of art magazines, clothes, shoes, handbags, a floor fixing kit from b&q, and who knows what else to give away… Freecycle is my clutter-clearing friend!
  • I will cancel my telephone directory / Yellow pages - this was more difficult that I thought. To opt-out of receiving yellow pages you have to call 0800 671 444. To cancel Thomson Local I emailed info@thomsonlocal.com but they haven’t replied yet. And apparently BT is *obliged* to supply everyone in the UK with a phone book (you’re not allowed to opt out?! it’s crazy), but I signed the petition at www.saynotophonebooks.com as apparently Ofcom are reviewing BT’s obligation and hopefully a petition might sway them. Who knows.
  • I will make something like bread instead of buying in plastic wrap – I’m really looking forward to this one…there is a delicious but simple-sounding recipe for crisp rosemary flatbread from smitten kitchen which I’m going to make.. mmm !